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Established in 2014, MHX biotech (changzhou) co., ltd. is a young company with a mature and efficient sales professional team and rich sales resources. Can quickly provide customers with professional, personalized and technical support one-stop services, can efficiently and quickly deliver products to the customer's destination. Moreover, the company has established long-term friendly cooperative partnership with many domestic and foreign high-end frontier compliance factories.

MHX biotech (changzhou) co., LTD. Focuses on selling chemical reagents, R&D chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, biological separation chromatography media, high purity HPLC solvent, analytical instruments, etc. Pharmaceutical intermediates include aliphatic compounds (alkyne or cyclic hydrocarbons), aromatic compounds, heterocyclic rings, specialty phosphofluorosilicate compounds, amino acids, polypeptides, coupling and condensation compounds.

Credit is the core value of MHX. We promise to all customers to take responsibility for replacement and return of goods due to quality problems. Please believe that choosing MHX will guarantee reliable supply. Confidence comes from the intransigence on quality issues and the establishment of a sound quality system. The company is equipped with agilent high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, moisture meter, polarimeter, abbe refraction meter, stability test box and other analytical testing instruments, and has a fixed cooperative outsourcing testing laboratory and professional excellent analytical spectrum technicians.

Safe internal and external packaging and efficient and rapid logistics is also a strong guarantee of the quality service for our customers. In addition, MHX has a complete set of integrated platform system for sales, quality control, document support, packaging and logistics tracking. Efficient and reasonable use of all resources, to ensure customer orders safe, efficient, high-quality completion of the operation platform.

With the concept of credit standing, MHX is committed to providing customers with cost-effective products and the best service.